Engine Case Machine Work

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Line Bore Mains

    Standard Oversizes

    411 Sizes

Line Bore Cam Center Main

Case Inserts



    Offset Patterns

Bore for Oversize Cylinders

Cylinder Decking

Lifter Bore Bushing (Aluminum or Bronze)

Oil Galley Drilling and Tapping

Full Flow Machining

Crankshaft Stroke Clearancing

Machine Case for Easier Splitting

Modify Water Boxer to Air

    Remove Water Jackets

    Remove Head Studs

        Remove Broken Head Studs

    Offset Head Stud Patterns

    Cylinder Spacers & Adapter Rings

    Install Lifter Bushings (Aluminum or Bronze)

    Two Piece Thrust Shims

    Modify for Deep Oil Sump

        Side Sump

        Center Sump

    Clearance for Stroker Crankshafts

    Oil Galley Drilling and Tapping

    Machine for 6 Heavy Duty Chromoly Case Studs

    Machine for Bug Style Dipstick

    Adapter main bearings