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WBX Vanagon Engine block repair oil plugs 2.1

OK how many times do you need to touch the hot burner before you figure its hot. How many times do you need to see the oil galley plugs come loose and leak before you do something about it. Way back in the 70s on the stock bug cases I saw the oil plugs leaking, Then I started to see the 411 style blocks with the same problem. Now I have seen the plugs on the waterboxer block get loose and leak so what do I do about it. I drill and tap the block so there is no chance of this happening to one of my customers engines that I build. Do I do it just to make money? I do it so that when they are on vacation the plugs won't get loose and leak and blow out, when they are out to have some fun. Just something to think about. Or will your engine builder just smear some JB weld over the plugs. He must know that they can and do leak so why band-aid them when they can be drilled and tapped and repaired right. Has your engine builder installed the plugs?


Vanagon WBX Waterboxer Engine Builds 2.1

Vanagon WBX Waterboxer Engines Builds: Are you wanting to build your own Waterboxer engine, but need someone to help guide you through the build. Maybe I can help. I (Rocky Jennings) have been building VW T-1,2,3,4 & Waterboxer engines for the last 42 years. I have done the conversions using Water-cooled Vanagon blocks to air cooled for the last 12 years.

Article in Dune Buggies & Hot VWs July 2005.

I can help you with bone stock waterboxer 2.1, or 2.2,2.3performance engines. Looking for more HP and torque I can help you with combos that I have tested and I know work.

My shop can do the following services: Inspection to make sure your block and parts have been checked so you will know its being done right. Many of the tested parts I use in the builds I do, are sold by RJE on the samba (search WBX).

Drilling of the block for threaded oil galley plugs, welding and repairs to the water jacket & pump areas, replacing of worn or broken head studs. Inside clearancing for stroker cranks and rods, machining pistons for stroker cranks and better fuel burn and correct compression ratios CR.

Want or need a stock or performance cam and lifters I have them.

Heads: I only use new AMC heads for all my kits and builds. I rework the heads by opening the chambers for better flow and to help set the CR, 4 angle valve jobs for the best flow and reworking the intake valves and replacing the exhaust valves with much better valves. (I would never use the ex. valves that come in the out of the box AMCs). I shim & reset spring heights. Port and blend intake & ex. ports

I match port & sleeve the intake runners to the intake gaskets for better transition & flow.

Now I can offer you engine kits for the customer that wants to do their own build. I have a full machine shop to offer my customers some of the needed machine work & services to build these engines right. Pictures are of some of the work we do at my shop. Intake runner porting, Piston relief for better burn & to add CCs for compression ratio, some chamber work, engine going in a Vanagon .

Email me at
rocky@rockyjennings.com or give me a call 1-509-525-7721 Thanks Rocky

What do you get with a RJE engine.

Block: All engines have a rebuilt & repaired 2.1 ( I no longer build off 1.9 blocks) engine block to include all outside oil galley plugs drilled and tapped with steel plugs installed, Water jackets checked for repair, water pump area checked for repair and block checked for line bore, cam bore, lifter bores, to make sure they meet OEM standards repaired with steel inserted drain plug hole along with a number of other areas we check to make sure your block is ready for a long life.

Heads: all engines will have new AMC heads, TRW exhaust valve upgrade, Ports matched & reworked and all seats checked & lapped at a minimum. Keepers reworked & springs shimmed. On the 2.2 - 2.4 a 3 & 4 angle valve job will be done.

Intake runners: Both runners will be cleaned, painted and sleeve matched to the intake spacer gasket and matched ported to the reworked cylinder heads. New silicone tubes are included . Clamps are not needed on the 2.1 runners with the super tight runner tube sleeves I sell.

Crankshaft: 76mm 2.1 crank checked to be with in OEM standards or reground on the 2.1 & 2.2 engines. On my 2.3-2.4 engine crank will be machined to the stroke needed for the size of the engine. All 2.3 cranks are balanced with flywheel & pulley.

Rods: I use RJE rebuilt OEM rods on the 2.1 -2.3 engines. All rods have the rod bolt upgrade, clearanced and lightened, new small end bushings & balanced end to end.

All engines will get new OEM main, rod & double thrust cam brgs.

Pistons & cylinder: 2.1 engines get 94mm P&C set. 2.2-2.3 Hand selected 96mm P&C set checked for size, new top chrome rings, pistons balanced, and piston dish reworked for correct cc's and better fuel burn.

Camshaft: Stock 2.1 engines get a stock reground cam. 2.2 - 2.3 engines get a proprietary cam that I have developed & tested to work the very best with the waterboxer larger displacement engine.

Lifters: All engines fitted with new hydraulic OEM lifters in all my engines.

Rocker arms, adjusting screws & shafts: I use new 1.25 rockers & bolt together solid center shafts set up and shimmed, new elephant feet adjusting screws are used on all my 2.2 and larger engines with my special cam. As the stock adjusting screws are so hard to find and are not up to the task of giving the kind of service needed in a performance RJE WBX engine. Note: 2.1 engines get the stock rockers & shafts with elephant feet for use with the stock cam.

Oil pump: All my engines get new blueprinted & o-ringed oil pumps. Covers are checked & machined as needed.

Flywheel , Flex plate: Flywheels are cleaned & reground, flex plates cleaned and checked for cracks.

Water pump: New German water pump included.

New throttle body: Note: (Not included with the engine package) are available This is a all new design throttle body with ball bearings for the throttle shaft. See my samba ad (search wbx throttle body)

All engines come with a minimum of a 12 month 12,00 mile warranty.

I ship around the world all shipping costs are on the customer and must be paid before engines ship.

Rebuilt throttle bodies. I also rebuild stock throttle bodies with roller bearings and
new throttle plates (This is not included in the engine pricing). I will update this ad as time will allow.

Engine prices Bone Stock 2.1 $3700.00 / 2.2 $4400.00 / 2.3 $4900.00
Plus shipping and core engine price of $800.